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Our Story

Are we an international intelligence agency? or a clandestine rum distillery? A little of both perhaps.


An entire country blessed with a cornucopia of delicious local flavors and exotic tropical fruits is reduced to drinking expensive imported spirits.


All that is about to change.


We have one ultimate goal: To make the best handcrafted spirits we possibly can. To make every bottle unforgettable, and to make every sip… Spectacular.


We would have to be Rebels.


Gangsters of Great Taste, Smugglers of Sweet and Spice. Rumrunners, Bootleggers, and Renegades.

Prohibition_era_Party (1).jpg

People who are not afraid to be themselves, who don’t mind shaking things up and causing some trouble. People who embody the spirit of revolution.


Extraordinary individuals who refuse to settle for ordinary… Especially when it comes to what they drink.


Where no idea is “too out there”.


Where we could make one-of-a-kind concoctions, blends, and infusions.


Where Method meets Madness, where Magic meets Molecules, and where Alcohol meets Alchemy.


We realized that the authorities would never allow it.

We would be forced to operate in smoky bars and shadowy speakeasies.


That there would be no Rest for the Dreamers and no Respite for the Distillers. 


But you know what? We like it that way.


In this spirit, The Clandestino Distilling Company was born.

We invite you to join our secret revolution.


“Live dangerously, Enjoy responsibly!”

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