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Unique handcrafted spirits, made locally with all-natural ingredients and in small batches using the Solera method. We smuggled them in special, just for you.

Clandestino HD - Copy.png

A Premium Spirit, Handcrafted in Honduras.

We have one ultimate goal:


To make the best handcrafted spirits we possibly can.


To make every bottle unforgettable, and to make every sip… Spectacular.


Our smoky aged dark rum, enjoy on the rocks, preferably while planning a daring diamond heist with your crew, or while seducing a femme fatale, it’s entirely up to you. Try it in an Old Fashioned, trust us, it will change your life.

750mL ~~ 40% ABV ~~ Click here to Order


Ron Coco Tostado

Smoky toasted coconut and sweet panela combination creates a one-of-a-kind spirit that is enough to drive you (coco)nuts! The perfect addition to a Piña Colada.

750mL ~~ 35% ABV ~~ Click here to Order


Gin Botanico

Our handcrafted botanical Gin is a cornucopia of bold local flavors, it’s sure to make your cocktails unforgettable.


We unearthed a rare blue flower from deep within the Honduran rainforest to give this spirit it's unique color, and then added a fresh citrus twist.

750mL ~~ 40% ABV ~~ Click here to Order


Ron con Café

Made with organic cold brewed Honduran coffee from the hills of the Marcala region. Blended with sweet panela, this dessert rum is perfect on the rocks or with heavy cream!

 750mL ~~ 20% ABV ~~ Click here to Order

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